Louis Nagel, piano concert performer

Louis Nagel - Concert Pianist

Upcoming Kerrytown Concert: Ann Arbor Michigan - December 19th, 2015. More Info

I am a concert pianist and a professor of piano and piano literature at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance. I have served on the faculty since 1969, and have had the distinct pleasure of teaching many students who have gone on to meaningful careers in the field of music. As a concert pianist I have performed in all parts of the world, as a soloist and chamber recitalist and with orchestra.

On April 17, 2014, I performed a recital with brief commentary in tribute to the iconic building Steinway Hall. Click here for More About This Concert.

I have written articles that have appeared in Clavier Companion, American Music Teacher, and contribute a column to the Michigan Music Teacher's Newsletter. I have also contributed chapters on Schumann's Papillons and the music of C.P.E. Bach to the two volumes of The Pianist's Craft. I have headed the Outreach in the Performing Arts program at the Music School and believe deeply in the concept of community involvement for classically trained performers. And with particular pleasure, I have collaborated with my wife, Julie Jaffee Nagel, psychologist, musician, and author of the book Melodies Of The Mind in a variety of programs exploring the relationship between music and psychology.

I am expanding my teaching activities to build a private studio, and am accepting young students. Included in this population (but not limited to) are advanced players who have as their goals a college audition. I also teach adults who put aside their piano studies when they embarked upon careers and are eager now to return to study. I feel strongly with adults that one is never "too old" to learn and enjoy the beauties of the great composers. As for young students, I believe that teaching music must include the "why" as well as the "how" to play a composition. In particular, when preparing for a college audition, it is important to choose appropriate repertoire and understand it analytically as well as be able to perform it convincingly. The more understanding about the music a young student is playing, the more confident they will be when making that transition from high school to college.

I look forward to continuing my performing activities, and place new importance on the concept of home concerts. Music is just as glorious in a home as a concert hall, and it affords me the opportunity to connect conversationally as well as pianistically with the audience.

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